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Beginners’ Guide to Mermaid Photoshoots

Guest written by Tanya The Mermaid

Image by Candiiphotography

Shello! My name is Tanya. Within in the merfolk community I’m known as Mermaid Princess Tanya. Ever since I was 17 I decided to become a mermaid. Within past 8 years I have had the resources to do many photoshoots. It has been one shell of a ride looking back at my first photo compared to my most recent shoots! So much improvement has been made!

Image on left is from my first mersona photo taken by a friend in his backyard back in 2012. The image on the right is my recent mersona photo taken by Candiiphotohraphy in February 2020. As you can see, improvements are not made overnight, so don’t worry if your first portrait isn’t perfect! In this blog, I’ll be giving tips to the beginner merfolks on how to model for your first photoshoot!

Finding The Right Photographer

Booking a professional photographer is a great investment. They usually suggest flattering poses, take high quality photos, and know how to edit the photos. My personal favorite photographer is Candiiphotography! She is a DFW photographer who builds these cute sets and I always try to incorporate my mersona into her sets.

If anyone wants to book a photographer, make sure to check out their reviews and portfolio first! It’s also helpful if you know a photographer you can trust. Otherwise, bring a trusted friend, partner, or whoever to come with you to a shoot if you’re not sure! If any photographer asks you to come alone that’s a huge red flag to stay away from!

However, no one is required to book a professional photographer since I’m aware that not everyone can afford one. There’s always the option to ask a friend/family member and shoot from your own digital camera or smartphone! At least there is that security that you can trust a friend or a family member. There is also the option to set your smartphone/camera on a timer and take self portraits! Lots of mermaids also owns their own waterproof camera/housing. Finally, if you’re a beginner merfolk I don’t suggest doing an underwater shoot until you’re comfortable swimming in a tail and holding your breath underwater. Do dry shoots to test different poses.

Image by Candiiphotography

How to prepare for a mermaid shoot

Know what time, location, and date the shoot will be. The photographer you book might be someone you’re paying so it’s important to be punctual and respectful of their time. Otherwise if you’re taking your own photos you can be flexible!

Now that you decided to book the shoot, it’s time to decide what mermaid tail you want to wear to your shoot! Figure out accessories that would go well with your tail too! Never scramble on the day of the shoot by throwing together an outfit at the last minute! Save yourself the stress by figuring out your mersona’s design at least a week in advance. If you’re commissioning a tail and/or any accessories be sure to have those in procession before the shoot too!

Image by Candiiphotography

Practice doing makeup ahead of time! There are plenty of mermaid makeup tutorials on Youtube to watch to get some ideas. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with doing a natural make